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Our world is in transition.

Our world is in transition. We no longer live in an age of change, we are witnessing the change of an era. We experience the challenges every day: climate change, urban population growth, availability of safe food, availability of potable water and adequate sanitation, digitization, the emergence of new economies and world powers and the exhaustion of our natural resources. Combined, this present us with the biggest challenge since the nineteenth century.

Global, regional and local issues require resilient solutions, in which human values, culture and developments in innovation, (disruptive) technology, circular economy, renewable energy, sustainability and mobility are weighed and integrated.

With experts from varying disciplines (Design, Crossmedia Branding & Marketing, Legal Assessments, Financial Models, Fundraising) Urban Crossovers elaborates integral Resilient Solutions to facilitate and accelerate the transition of the built and social and human environment. Projects range from funding concepts, design brief development, building concepts and urban concepts to energy landscapes, creating crossovers of scale between CO-2 exhaust reduction, CO-2 removal, sustainable energy generation, innovative food production and increasing bio diversity.

Projects include the resilient development of a port area in Rotterdam and the redevelopment and repositioning of a countryside estate in Rotterdam. Partners have cooperated in the integrated development of the world exhibition Floriade Almere 2022.

We also work on the realization of Great Gestures, including a further development of accommodation for Foundation De Belevenis established with the aim of helping people who suffer from far advanced dementia, people with severe multiple mental disabilities and children with severe illnesses, as well as their parents, relatives and caretakers, safe and sensory stimulating entertainment facilities in the form of Experience Theaters, located on the grounds of a large care organization in Arnhem (The Netherlands).

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